2023 MetaTrust Web3 Security CTF

Welcome security guardians! Test your web3 and blockchain security skills in our CTF. Sharpen your skills and learn something new - the challenges await you. Whether new to CTFs or a seasoned pro, these tasks will educate and challenge you. Ready to hack?

Let's Hack

Good luck and have fun!

Registration Period

Aug 25 10:00:00am - Sep 14 10:00:00pm GMT+8

CTF Competition Time

Sep 13 10:00:00am - Sep 15 10:00:00am, GMT+8, 48H in total.

Competition Rules

  1. Competition Format Jeopardy style, with each challenge containing one or more flags that participants must discover and submit.
  2. Platform The competition will be hosted online using the ctfd.

Competition Prizes

  • The prize pool is $10,000, and the top 3 winning teams will receive prizes of $5,000, $3,500, and $1,500 respectively.
  • The top 30 teams will receive a RPC gift package provided by BlockPi, worths of $49 each.
  • All participants can get commemorative POAP airdrop benefits based on PolygonID.

Judging Criteria

  • The challenges will focus on analyzing smart contract code, identifying vulnerabilities, and capturing flags.
  • Each solved challenge will yield a specific number of points. Team rankings will be determined based on the total score.
  • In case of a tie, rankings will be decided by the time of the last correct submission.
  • The points for each challenge will be dynamically adjusted based on the number of teams that successfully solve it.

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